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What is Focus Health

Gemma Mc Donnell has been working extensively as a systematic kinesiologist/ energy worker for the past decade. Gemma’s own personal story has been a long and challenging one. Ultimately both Gemma and her son had been diagnosed with and cleared of chronic Lymes disease. Gemma put various methodologies in place to attain this including her work as a kinesiologist, homeopathy and diet and has dedicated herself to helping others bring about changes in their lives to facilitate their own healing journey through education and bringing an awareness on all of the aspects in ones life that need to be acknowledged and addressed in order to facilitate this healing. Gemma is a highly trained and skilled practitioner and it is her mission to bring to her clients her awareness, knowledge and experiences of healing in her own unique way.

ReThink ReFocus ReLive

Focus health offers an integrated, collaborative care approach to health care. We believe in order to heal, the body must be balanced in every way-mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This approach has come about through years of working with clients. Using various methodologies we have come to the realisation that there are common thread’s affecting one's health evident for most.

In order to give the body the best opportunity to heal we must detoxify both our bodies and our minds. We have spent collective years gathering the tools and knowledge and more recently the technology needed to achieve this.

Encompassing all the elements above we are pleased to launch our ReFocus programme in January 2022.

The ReFocus program is an holistic approach uniquely designed to help you address your health and emotional challenges. The program is made up of 10 dedicated one-on-one sessions delivered over a 5 day period. These sessions include extensive testing through kinesiology, homeopathy and followed by a nine week detoxification plan.

In addition, to ensure maximum benefit and to help better support your body we utilise specialised detoxification technologies, unique and only available in the Irish market through Focus Health. Importantly, focus will be put on identifying and clearing emotional triggers and stressors that are a huge part to everyone’s optimal health.

The cost of the overall 10 week package is €2,300.

This individualist care program is completely dedicated to you and is result-based with life changing benefits.

This approach will see improvement in all areas including:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved energy
  • Weight loss
  • Decrease in inflammation creating a less reactive body
  • Reduction in allergies
  • Improved mood
  • Better digestion
  • Better immunity
  • Clearer mind and focus
  • Better motivation
  • Aches and pains reduced
  • No more brain fog
  • Less stress and improved coping abilities

If you are ready and willing to take the next step and start your journey to better your physical, mental,emotional and spiritual health, please contact us to inquire and register your interest today through the contact information provided below.