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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a system which looks at the entire body and mind, through which the whole person is assessed. It involves looking at the person holistically regardless of what one presents with. They are assessed to find out which imbalances are showing up in the body. The body in its own innate wisdom gives the therapist the relevant information about what is out of balance, as well as the relevant information needed to bring it back into balance. When someone comes into see me, regardless of their symptoms, their body is going to throw out what is in emergency. This always fascinates me! This is done through a series of muscle testing through which the client is asked to mildly resist the practitioner’s touch. Think of it like asking the body a question and depending on the response of the muscle, this is an answer. Through the use of muscle testing, we can identify the key areas causing each individuals problems and how we can reduce the stress on their system enabling us to bring the body back into balance. Therefore, as a Kinesiologist we are always looking at every aspect of the body.

  1. Chemically: e.g. lowered immunity, digestive disorders, nutrition, allergies, including food, skin issues, hormones, toxic load on the body.
  2. Electrically: e.g. energy levels, energy field, hydration.
  3. Structurally: e.g. physical pain, body pain, muscles, ligaments, tissues, bones.
  4. Emotionally: e.g. stress, finding and addressing sources of stress- past and present.
  5. Addressing anxieties, panic, fears, phobias, trauma, shock and emotional pain..

In other words, not very often the problem that the client comes in with is the actual source of the problem. Rarely is the pain in your back, a pain in your back. It has come from some other source, usually, some form of emotional imbalance or stress.

Kinesiology taps into energies that may be overlooked and goes beyond the symptoms. It does not name or diagnose them. Each of us has our own library of information, from genetic information to the culmination of all of our memories and experiences and how they impact us mentally, emotionally and physically.

What to expect

The session usually commences with a client history form and confidential chat about whatever issues are concerning you.

It usually takes place on a massage table lying face up and is a non-invasive and safe therapy. The client is fully dressed and removes only their shoes.

Muscle testing is the fundamental tool used to access the information from the body/mind, through a bio-feedback system. It uses various muscles in the arms and legs, please wear comfortable clothes.