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My Journey

Lyme’s diagnosis and complete remission.

My interest into holistic and alternative therapies began after a long, challenging and exhausting journey, which led to my eventual diagnosis and subsequent healing of chronic Lymes disease. Through my experiences and difficult lessons, I have come to realise and strongly believe, that for the most part, one’s ill health is a culmination of stresses on the body which present themselves in a myriad of ways. They affect the individuals mind, emotional well-being and physical health. We essentially end up physically manifesting the stresses our body and mind have been enduring for years, possibly even decades for some people. They present themselves in a wide variety of emotional stresses, shock, trauma, tragedy, abuse, the mental stresses of dealing with life and its many challenges; paying the bills, looking after your family, all while trying to work. Physical stresses from our environment, toxins from food, pesticides, GMO’s, MSG, heavy metals, glyphosate, and of course our less than optimal diets, that are very often nutritionally void. The realisation and understanding of this, along with the willingness to embrace the changes needed to have a dramatic and positive change on our health and well being is what is required. It is my hope that my story and dedication to my work, will enable you to see the bigger picture, the much bigger picture!

I trained in reflexology, reiki and shamanic healing. All of which are amazing therapies and gave me great strength and guidance on my healing journey. However, it was when I experienced Kinesiology and saw the results and experienced deep insights, that I began to realise I had found what I was looking for. I began to explore different therapists and their methods of applying Kinesiology. I found myself going deeper and deeper into understanding the human body and why we get sick? Exploring all aspects, chemically, electrically, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and what the body needs to bring about balance and allow the body the room its needs to facilitate healing. After training in Kinesiology, I continued to train and educate myself even further. I paid particular attention to energy work and nutrition, especially ketogenics and intermittent fasting. I have learned to compile all of my training and experience together.

My journey into holistic, complementary and alternative therapies started when I was expecting my first child. Even though I had been feeling very ill for years prior to the pregnancy, my interest was ignited because as a result of extreme pain in my body. I was suffering from severe joint pain, back pain and unfortunately endured acute pain from SPD. It was a pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I suffered one way or another from the ramifications of shock and trauma my whole life. It is hard to know exactly when my health actually started to deteriorate, but I know from my late teens into my twenties was when I felt at my worst.

My weight started to increase dramatically. In retrospect, I realise it was more of a general inflammation in my body. I was completely exhausted, permanently. I had difficulties concentrating or even just thinking straight. I had brain fog all the time, nausea every-day, I was extremely stressed. Very often, I was stressed, even when there was no reason to be. I felt in a permanent state of vulnerability, no matter who I was with.

I couldn’t tolerate any type of temperature change, hot or cold. A sun holiday was very stressful but equally I felt the cold very easily. These symptoms and the general sense of feeling unwell stayed with me throughout my twenties. I had my first child when I was twenty-nine.

My beautiful baby girl was born just before Christmas, however my health in that pregnancy was not great. My weight went out of control no matter what I tried to do to control it. My symptoms simply got worse. I remember on Christmas morning, (my daughter was only a couple of weeks old), waking up to excessive swelling in my entire body and face. It took days before it reduced.

When my daughter was 12 months old I conceived my second child. My ill health instantly escalated. I gained a stone in weight. By the time I was 7 weeks pregnant, it turned out that my thyroid was out of control. Blood tests revealed an extreme case of hypothyroidism. It was something I’m quite sure had been brewing for some time. Suddenly, I was getting blinding headaches, my vision was blurred, I was seeing two and three of everything. I literally could not see in front of me.

I spent my second pregnancy once again, suffering from every symptom going only now, much worse. After this pregnancy I was at a record weight gain and felt absolutely terrible. I tried everything – diets and walking, only it seemed to get worse. I felt I was fast approaching the point of no return. Everything seemed completely hopeless. I wasn’t coping at all and I seemed to catapult into the worst depression. I literally felt trapped and couldn’t find my way out of it.

I had been given a book by my mother when I was about 11 years old. It was called Raw Energy written by the most amazing women, Leslie Kenton. I had followed her and read her books over the coming years. However, it was at this desperate time, when I thought that all hope was lost that I decided to return to what I knew in my gut was the solution. I knew that Leslie would have the answer that I needed and indeed she did. It came in the form of Cura Romana.

I got in touch with Leslie. I told her my story, and she very graciously agreed to mentor me through the programme. With her abundance of knowledge and passion, not to mention her phenomenal sense of humour and wit, she very gracefully brought me through the programme. I don’t say this lightly, but Cura Romana and Leslie saved me and I write this with deep emotion. The changes and the shifts that happened then, eleven years ago now, have never left me. It brought a huge spiritual shift and mental clarity that I had never experienced. It left me with unbelievable energy and amazing sleep. All my anxiety and depression simply left me. I felt like I was reborn, not to mention the weight. All had shifted. I lost eighty-two pounds.

I spent the next three years happily enjoying the mammoth changes that occurred from Cura Romana. In 2013 my third child was born. This is when the old familiar symptoms started rearing their ugly heads again, mostly physically, because the spiritual and mental/emotional changes that occurred with Cura Romana remained. The weight piled back on. Almost like a cellular memory had being activated. My energy plummeted and really all the symptoms came hurtling back. I went on to have a fourth child and this pregnancy proved to be the worst in terms of my health.

I contracted swine flu whilst pregnant and spent time in quarantine. Apart from my feeling very ill during the pregnancy, it was during post pregnancy that things really came to the fore front. Along with all the usual symptoms, I started to develop new ones. I was being affected cognitively, my memory went, often I couldn’t remember who I was speaking to. I couldn’t recall the name of an item like a chair or a fork, or any random normal item. My walk was affected, my speech was slurred, and I had episodes of complete paralysis. I could be lying on the couch for hours, only able to move my eyes and I had very slow speech. I would then spend days recovering, so weak, I wouldn’t be able to do much.

All the while this was happening, I was dealing with myself and four little ones. My third born was having trouble also. He started with a tremor in his hands that developed into full body tremors. He couldn’t walk far. We carried him everywhere. His coping ability was practically zero. He got frustrated easily and had many misunderstood outbursts. He had extreme heat in his body constantly. You could hear his heart beating heavily from afar. His walk was affected. In fact, one lady we took him to see in London said, “without a shadow of a doubt that child will end up in a wheelchair”.

He would stand up from a sitting position and just fall down in front of our eyes. His legs would simply go from under him if he was walking towards you.

In the end, through blood testing, we were both diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. I had nine co-infections and my son had seven.

It would seem, that in fact I had been suffering from chronic Lyme disease all along. I never had a tick bite that I saw or remember, but I most certainly had mosquito bites and had very severe reactions to them when I did.

Both myself and my son are absolutely thriving today. We both had repeat bloods and we both came back with only one past antibody for mycoplasma.

My son is full of energy. He plays football, cycles his bike, helps his dad on the farm, runs, runs, runs, all day long. He is a very bright, happy, extremely funny little boy, whose granny says is a great conversationalist, which is a far cry from the little boy who barely had enough energy to move. How did we achieve this? First of all, I took the personal decision not to go down the medical route.

I used a combination of things to bring this about. Firstly, we completely stripped back his diet, got rid of sugar, dairy and gluten. It turned out he is actually coeliac.

I used my own methods of Kinesiology and lots of energy work. I released any trapped emotions and traumas. I used a brilliant homeopathic range called New Vistas. I essentially used homeopathy to detoxify him of heavy metals, chemicals, virus, bacteria’s, parasites and mould. Then I rebuilt him nutritionally. To this day he still takes various remedies, but consistently he takes B complex liquescence, Vitiman D liquescence and Vermox regularly.

I essentially did the same for myself, but revisited Cura Romana. Unfortunately, Leslie passed before my last baby was born, and even though I spoke with her on the phone, it is with deep regret that I never got to meet her in person. In Leslie’s place at the helm now, is her son Aaron and he is equally brilliant. His level of knowledge and understanding of the human body and his depth of empathy for humanity astound me. Aaron is extremely well versed on the body’s needs on every level. His in-depth knowledge of nutrition, in particular that of the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting, and the importance of being able to adapt to this, (which Cura Romana has strong links and similarities to) are next to none.

Aaron mentored me after my official diagnosis, and again I can contribute the sacred gifts of Cura Romana as being an integral part of my healing. The difference this time is that Aaron and I worked very closely on this journey to facilitate the in-depth work of Kinesiology, homeopathy and diet, together with energetic and emotional work.

Cura Romana allowed my body the room to heal, to allow it all the shifts and changes that needed to occur through detoxification and nutritionally rewarding my body. I say again to both Leslie and Aaron with my deepest gratitude, thank you. I will be forever grateful. I firmly believe, that among all the gifts Cura Romana brought, it put me into remission of whatever it was that I was going through.

I continue to work closely with Aaron today, and have the great pleasure of recommending Cura Romana to many clients, who have chosen to work with both he and I.

I also extensively use New Vistas homeopathic range and am very grateful to have fast access to this range here in Ireland.

Today I work primarily as a systematic Kinesiologist. I spend my days working with people from all walks of life, with all kinds of issues from anxieties, panic attacks, digestive problems, stress, pain, headaches, the list goes on. I don’t specialize necessarily in any one condition, because as a Kinesiologist, I look at the person as a whole, not only because of their presenting condition.

Do I believe that Lymes disease comes from a tick bite alone? I don’t think I do. What I do believe is that any insect for sure carries with it all kinds of nasty stuff that can be transmitted into you when you are bitten. I do believe that it has to do with your body’s own ability to deal with any pathogen or toxic load, be it environmental, physical, mental or emotional, or indeed all of the above, and that ability has to do with your story!

I state this again, because if you are suffering in any way from the multitude of signs and symptoms your body is giving you right now, I feel it is extremely important to hear and grasp this. It is my view that most health difficulties come from some form of trauma, tragedy, stress, anxiety, abuse, mainly experienced as a child. These coupled with today’s stresses of environmental toxic load, mental, emotional and physical stresses cause your body to go into overdrive. It is possible and achievable to turn your health around, but you must look at the bigger picture!